oil workers
oil workers
         Incorporated in 1999, we're located in one of the major energy sectors of the world – Houston, Texas. We are one of only a handful of independent companies offering extensive services to oil and gas producers throughout the US and Saudi Arabia.  With extensive overseas contacts, we have a record in facilitating Joint Venture Agreements or Exclusive Agency Agreements in the manufacturing sector.  
           Our Team possesses extensive knowledge of Saudi Aramco Material Systems Specifications (SAMSS), the minimum engineering, design, fabrication & testing requirements for the procurement of materials and equipment. We are accomplished in sourcing and providing a competitive price, and can accomplish respective project requirements in line with Project Master Vendor Approved List ( PMAVL).

You'll quickly notice our team's commitment to your company and its goals. It's our way of ensuring old world values are implored and objectives are met. Sustainability, production, efficiency, and integrity are our benchmarks.

We provide competitive prices to local companies and Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Contractors located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Additionally, we have developed close affiliations with a major slickline tools manufacturing company based in the U.S. Our business has developed to include Malaysian and Brunei clients in marketing/supplying tools.